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Event security and stewarding FAQ

What is special event security, how to manage crowds and the answers to all your security questions.

What is event security?

Event Security is rarely limited to just minding the door, it most often requires a professional team, well-versed in ensuring the safety of attendees and staff, whilst also protecting the venue and equipment involved in holding an event. From family weddings to major sporting fixtures, live music concerts, conferences and large scale gatherings of any kind, Star Protection are able to advise and provide the highest level of event solutions and security for you and your guests; cost-effective, competent and professional.


Security and stewarding staff all need to know how to act and what to do in a range of scenarios; from dealing with accidents or other incidents, including physical attacks, attendee injuries or property damage, to control of crowds, antisocial guests and many other situations.


The best way to ensure the safety of your event is to work from the initial planning stage with a professional team like Star Protection who can advise you and help to formulate an appropriate action plan.

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Do I need event security management?

These days it is more important than ever in the UK that you have a responsible team of professionals to manage the security of your event. As an organiser you have to consider many perspectives, to ensure the safety of the event, and all the people attending, as well as those working at it. You will likely need a team who are well equipped to handle your type of event, with an appropriate number of experienced professionals to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

How much does event security cost?

Every event and venue is different, but UK legislation clearly sets out requirements to ensure public safety. The size of the security team you require will usually depend on the number of attendees you are planning for, and the nature of your event, as well as the venue license and other local regulations. 


Star Protection has wide experience of providing cost-effective security for small to medium sized venues and organisers, as well as a range of much larger events, and we try to do what we do for the best possible price, without ever compromising on safety. Get in touch on 0844 5000 212

Can I hire event trained security staff?

All of our security staff are fully trained, SIA licensed and selected for their ability and experience in managing events of all sizes. They work alongside our Crowd Safety Event Stewards who are all certified to, or working towards, NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety,  and we have fully qualified Level 4 Crowd Safety Officers working full time with us, and alongside event organisers, to create the correct safety & event management plans suitable for each specific job.

What exactly does event security provide?

Wearing our distinctive uniform, Star’s security team and event stewards are customer focused and all fully licensed to a minimum of SIA Door Supervisor level 2.  We provide a family-friendly focus for attendees and will work with you beforehand to advise on fulfilling the proper legal requirements for your event and venue security and help you plan for your specific needs.  


We provide a fully accountable, highly trained team of professionals, well versed in customer oriented, friendly and efficient crowd management, whether for a small family event, of 100 people or less, much larger ticketed events, and all the way through to major music festivals and stadium concerts, including well equipped mobile control rooms, radio communications equipment and even body-worn cameras should the client or local authority SAG require them.

We can also provide a number of extra services like trained security drivers, close personal protection, artist transport end-to-end and a full range of personnel to help ensure your event is well managed and above all safe. 


Whether you just require a couple of people on the door, or a rigorously coordinated set of teams to manage every aspect of your event security, Star Protection does the job for you, and does the job right.

What does event security do?

Star Protection event security staff can offer advice on every aspect of ensuring your event and its attendees are safe.  


From initial planning through to set up and perimeter management, crowd control, entry control and emergency response crash teams, our people work together to ensure a comprehensive response to any situation that might arise, whether needing to screen attendees for contraband, spotting potential problems before they happen, breaking up physical confrontations, implementing security protocols, preventing illegal behaviour or contacting the emergency services, as required, in a timely manner.

What are my options for private event security? 

Star Protection security staff are vetted and certified to SIA level 2, many undergo further training in control & restraint, handcuffing, drugs awareness, scenario and counter terrorism training, some of which is carried out through our own in-house training.


From door supervisors, to full site security for stadium sized concerts and festivals, we provide the right teams for you and your event.


We have a wealth of experience in television, filming location, live performance and large music events and are also able to offer services including artist advancing logistics, artist liaison staff, VIP & artist's area security, tour managers, security drivers & executive vehicles for all types of events.


Call us on 0844 5000 212 for a no-strings informal chat about your event and we will try to give you a clear idea of what will be required to fulfill your security needs, the right way.

How to manage crowds at an event?

Planning is key to crowd control and management, as is some knowledge of your audience. Key figures from inside and outside your organisation should be involved in the planning stages to ensure they all understand each other’s role, and how to communicate, and with whom, when situations do arise.  


The venue owner, Heads of department, Team leaders, Event contractors, Local authorities, Emergency services/ first responders, Local transport providers, nearby businesses and other third-parties affected by the event should all be consulted to ensure they are aware of the numbers of people involved and the plans in place to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.


Above all a fully qualified crowd management officer should be consulted to ensure that your event crowd will be effectively managed, and that contingency plans are laid out properly for when anything unexpected occurs.

What is crowd management and why is it important?

Crowd control and management is not just for events, it can often be useful in other settings like retail, hospitality, sports, and at schools. Applications can include directing foot and vehicle traffic, restricting certain areas, and creating orderly queues, as well as avoiding bottlenecks, controlling the speed of entry, and taking charge in emergency situations.

Overall, a well managed crowd will help to ensure the safety of everyone involved, so that attendees can get on with enjoying themselves, while organisers, hosts and performers can concentrate on providing the best possible experience for their clients.

Who is responsible for crowd management at large events?

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the event organiser to appoint a principal crowd manager who understands what is needed for a particular type of venue or event, and how to effectively lead a team to ensure the safety of attendees, staff and contractors.

Why use a crowd management specialist?

It is important that you consult professionally qualified and experienced crowd management specialists to advise on the broad range of considerations involved in maintaining safety and security at any event where a large number of people are expected to gather.


Star Protection is proud to have 3 full-time, Level 4 qualified Crowd Safety Officers who work with our clients, venues and local authorities to advise on organising events of pretty much any scale, offering cost-effective solutions to meet all legal requirements, including infrastructure, staffing levels, communication and contingency planning.


Getting it right from the start can save lives, and a lot of time and money, above all helping you to rest easy that your attendees are in safe hands.

Where can I hire specialists for event security?

Star Protection offers a complete range of security consultation, security staffing and events stewards, working at every level, all highly trained and well experienced. Call 0844 5000 212 for more info.

What options are available for stadium security?

We are able to offer full spectrum security services for stadium events, whether sporting or entertainment orientated, we have unparalleled experience with pretty much every type of mass event and stadium requirements, from initial infrastructure as crowd safety liaisons, emergency response planning, command and control, entry screening through to crowd flow management and crowd control.  We have ongoing and regular contracts with league football teams for both home and away crowd management, as well as performance and entertainment offerings of any size.  For a chat about your needs call Star Protection on 0844 5000 212

How many people are required for stadium security?

There are no hard and fast rules, as every event and venue are different, but as a basic rule of thumb you should be thinking in the region of a minimum of one security team member for every 75-100 or so attendees.  Our specialist team will be able to better advise based on the type of event you are planning to hold.

For some of our regular stadium sporting events we require a security team of 45 to look after a crowd of more than 2,500 attendees not only attending to access control, but also acting as competent client facing customer service, to advise the public and keep things moving in a friendly way.


Contact us for more details on how our experts would best advise you to keep your clients, staff, performers and contractors safe, while producing world class and enjoyable stadium events.

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