Constantly rising crime rates and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is making the role of a Security Guard a more essential job to far more businesses than ever before.

Manned Guarding

During times of austerity, there is a direct correlation with a rise in crime. Constantly rising crime rates and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is making the role of manned guarding and even security dogs an essential service for more businesses than ever before.

It is vital that business continuity is maintained and any interruption to its smooth running, whether it be caused by vandalism, arson, or theft can potentially lose your company valuable trading time and therefore needs to be kept to a minimum.

In addition to the training stipulated by the SIA, our security guards are also trained in areas such as basic fire fighting, first aid, customer service and CCTV operation, along with additional training and development to keep up to date on current manned guarding legislation and counter-terrorism awareness.

All of our security guards are well presented in a smart uniform tailored to your needs even wearing your branded uniform or logos. Hi-vis clothing is worn after dusk and on building sites as a health and safety requirement.

Security Dogs

Manned Guarding

For a further and more overt deterrent, we offer both general-purpose security dogs and drug/sniffer dogs. Our dog handlers and their canine colleagues can work safely and unobtrusively in crowded spaces where public safety is paramount. Our canine staff are trained to a very high standard and trained to follow their handlers instructions very carefully - At no point well any patrons attending your event or site be in any danger.

We offer a full site security survey, risk assessment and even penetration tests which will help us understand the security needs for your site/building and enable us to offer practical advice and recommendations on a security solution that will add to the protection of your business and assets.

In addition to the security role performed by our manned guarding staff and desk-based security operatives, we are able to double up as a customer service point for your building/business and also act as a late-night concierge service, thus reducing the requirement for round-the-clock cover.

We have worked with business ranging from small building sites to large country estates and hotels offering services from one guard/concierge to full visibility patrols with security dogs - including inspections of vacant premises, loss prevention on building sites or in shops, plain-clothed or uniformed loss prevention personnel and canine units for premises or body/person searches.

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